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IT Solutions

Whether you are setting up a new computer purchased from us or from somewhere else, or whether you are having problems with your old computer(s):

Computer Repairs

Computer freezing up in a blue screen error?
Or getting a persistent error message?
Is your device running too hot?
Or is it not starting up at all?

We can help you get up and running again in no time!

Like any other device, computers do need regular maintenance, at least once a year if possible.

Despite the modern tendency of manufacturers to use non-mobile parts inside, most desktops and also many laptops still have fans, spinning hard drives and can still overheat or collect dust.

Dust becomes a problem when it clogs the air intakes, which are meant to keep the entire system cooler and on top of this, under certain humidity conditions, that same dust can lead to electrical problems too.

When the sluggishness is not due to overheating, there is also the issue of potential "soft-clogging" or issues with your programs, taking too much space or memory to run, because are running on outdated versions, or maybe your browser has loaded malware which can potentially turn your computer into a crypto-currency (bitcoin-collection) drone!

Whether the issue is hardware or software, we are here to help.

Internet Issues or moving to a new location and you need the NBN ready?

We are here to help too!
We can totally assist you with the connection of your new internet service and any devices inside your home or office, computers, printers, mobile phones and even configure your TV(s) to your online TV/ Streaming Movies service of choice.

Do you keep any "just in case" copy of your files and photos?

If you are not already doing this, we can set you up for regular backups to either a memory stick or a cloud location, even more preferable, to a local external USB drive. Complete back-ups are integral part of preventing major disaster for your business.

With your information safely stored away, if the worst was to happen, you don’t lose all your precious family photos or your business files.

Our maintenance checks also include removing unwanted programs, and updating your OS (Windows or MAC) to the latest available security patches and reclaiming HD space for you.

Power Backup Solutions

We also will advise you on the best options for you to keep your more critical systems running in the event of power failures, not that they happen too often!
We will quote the right size of UPS for you.

In today’s technology-dependant world, no one likes being off line for too long.

Whether the issue is at your home or business PC or MAC, we are here to Help!
Your satisfaction with our services is our top and only priority.
Our guarantee to you:

No fix, no fee!

For businesses, we offer a range of specialised products.